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Meet Rae of More to Love!

May 2022 | Davone Madison

I had the pleasure of learning more about Rae of More to Love Yoga! Rae teaches you  how to mindfully bring weed into your yoga/meditation practice. It’s so much easier for me to mediate after I smoked some weed. It helps me become more grounded and focus in my practice.

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Q: What is your name and  where do you live?


A: I’m Rae and I live in Somerville MA.



Q: What do you do in the Cannabis Industry?


A: I Teach people how to mindfully bring weed into their yoga/meditation practice.



Q: Elaborate more about your business.


A: I'm a professional wellness + yoga teacher of 15+ yrs, creating the popular More to Love Yoga practice style. This approach blends tradition yoga + meditation practices with perspectives on body-acceptance. It's a mind-body-soul practice that supports those living in larger bodies to learn and apply real-deal self-love and acceptance.



Q: That’s amazing! How is your business changing lives in the cannabis industry? 


A: To be honest, weed has been a solely private use for me in my wellness until recently. As a professional, I too was fearful of how the stigma of cannabis would impact my image. But from personal experience and overwhelming evidence from various studies - the shame around cannabis use was the issue. And in my line of work, dealing with shame in wellness is my signature trait. I am beginning to be more open and vocal about my personal use of weed in yoga and meditation.



Q: Weed definitely have a stigma around it that our industry is trying hard to change. How do your family feel about your cannabis use? 


A: My parents are from the "drugs are evil" generation so I cannot fault them for still having issues around it. However, I was very open about my use of weed and how it's helped me. They became more curious, less dismissive, and now, I openly smoke around them.



Q: Have they smoked with you yet?


A: Nah, they've not joined me yet but the invite is always offered.



Q: Tell me what do you like to do in your free time? 


A: I'm a fairly structured person in general, and "free time" is something I plan for. I know it sounds horrible - but with depression + anxiety issues, this is actually been a huge help to keeping me balanced. I follow a daily routine based on my own personal preference of workstyle, rhythms, need for play and rest. Since the pandemic, I've devoted every day to this "routine" and It's been remarkable. I'm a small business owner with my husband + keep More to Love Yoga available. So in my "free time" I either play videogames, schedule dinners w/ friends, watch or listen to podcasts.



Q: What is your favorite cannabis edible? 


A: I love any type of really well made chocolate edible bar. My fav is a milk chocolate one from KIVA.



Q: Yum! I’m a gummy girl myself! What cannabis products that you can’t live without?


A:  I like to support local artisans who craft pipes and glassware. I get my pieces at fairs.



Q: I love handmade products. Anything unique and girly I’m drawn to. How long have you been smoking or eating cannabis and what made you start?


A: I first smoked in college with some friends. Then casually, socially. But not until I was 35 did I use weed purely for wellness reasons.



Q: I also use cannabis for wellness. It’s hard to shut my brain off so I smoke to relieve anxiety and quiet my mind. Do you have any medical conditions that made you want to use cannabis?


A: Yes, chronic pain + trouble staying asleep. I have an underlying condition called Polycystic Ovaian Syndrom and inflammation is also a problem for me. Regular cannabis use has made my pain and symptoms not only manageable, but in some cases gone.



Q: Thats amazing that you are using plant medicine to heal your body naturally. What are the changes you noticed in the Cannabis Industry since you started?


A: More people being open about their personal use. I also appreciate the variety - I geek out on the terps and profiles of strains.



Q: Yes me too! I’m Definitely a Terp girl! Tell me a story about a strain you love and why?


A: I enjoy MAC1 a lot - it's a right blend of euphoric and stimulating, perfect for when I want to be creative or immerse myself into a hobby. I select my strains based on what type of vibe I want to experience during it. MAC1 is always my go-to when I see it on the menu.



Q: I have to try that strain. Do you grow your own cannabis?


A: No.



Q: Are you a wake and bake woman? 


A: Yes, I am. With my morning coffee and depends what I gotta do that day. If it’s a work day, I take a small chillum hit here and there. I appreciate the bump of focus and clarity it provides me. If it's a weekend / day off and I can relax, then I enjoy.



Q: What are your future plans in the cannabis industry?


A: Exploring how to professionally blend cannabis + yoga/meditation.


Q: Any last words or wisdom for a person who wants to know more about cannabis but is hesitant because of the stigma surrounding it…


A: Cannabis enhances what you want to experience.


Thank you so much for this amazing interview!

You can learn more about Rae by following her on Instagram @rachelestapa