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Meet Gina Gault of 1906 & Baked Romans Podcast

June 2022 | Davone Madison


I had the pleasure of getting to know the amazing Gina Gault and now you get to know her too! 

Q: What is your name and where do you live?


A: My name is Gina Gault and I live in a northern suburb in Illinois.



Q: I just relocated here to Chicago and I love it! What do you do in the Cannabis Industry?


A: I am a board member of Illinois Women in Cannabis (IWC), the Illinois Field Marketing & Outreach Manager for 1906 an innovative edible brand focusing on fast acting, experience-based products, and one-half of the Baked Roman’s podcast alongside my co-host Sam Snyder.



Q: You wear many hats! Tell me more about your podcast?


A: While our podcast is a constant work-in-progress we exist to educate on and contend with the stigma surrounding personal consumption of cannabis for mental, physical, and emotional well-being. We do this through conversation by creating a safe space for individuals to connect on the wonders of plant-magic and the power of self-care. We are fortunate to focus on illuminating the potential for leadership and growth within the cannabis industry for female-identifying folks as well.



Q: That’s Great! How do your family feel about your cannabis use?


A: Some of my family has no problems with it at all and embrace the more wholesome version of myself that consumes cannabis for my overall wellness and enjoyment. Some of my family has big problems with it and look down on me because of it.



Q: That seems to be the vibe with families. i think the older generation just dont understand it and need more education about the plant. Tell me what do you like to do in your free time?


A: What is “free time”? Haha. Let’s just say I stay busy.



Q: LoL! Yeah free time is when you are able to get some sleep! Tell me about your wake and bake routine and How do you start your day?


A: I start my day with one of a few things. Either a 1906 GO coffee bean (available in CO), a 1906 GO drop, or a 1906 BLISS drop. If it’s a weekend I might spark up a joint and when the summer hits the midwest I’ll have a more outdoor routine. Honestly, though, the convenience of the 1906 drops really compliments my constantly moving life well.



Q: I have to try those drops! What cannabis products by women that you can’t live without?


A: I was recently gifted some CBD Hibiscus Goji Honey from Soul and Wellness’ own Tiffany Reynolds and I will likely never run out of it because of how essential it has been to my daily routine. Also, my Buddy from Budwell owned by Sara Hussain has been by my side, in my bag, on my person since I received my first one in 2019! If you don’t have one yet, ya need one!



Q: Thank you for the suggestions! How long have you been smoking or eating cannabis and what made you start?


A: I honestly am a late consumer. I didn’t come to cannabis until I was an adult. My own devotion to my self-growth brought me to cannabis. I knew I needed a tool to help me slow down my mind and be more connected with my body and in 2017 I lost my job and stumbled into the cannabis industry with support from my uncle Erik Moreno of Lahlouh, a printing company out of the bay area in California. From then on I’ve been consuming daily.



Q: What do you prefer smoking in a pipe, vaping, blunt or eating your weed?


A: Yes. I will literally have it anyway with the exception most times of vapes. For me personally, I think of vaping as the ketchup of cannabis… It has a time and place but I’m not going to suck down a bottle of ketchup, I am not going to inhale a vape or buy another til the one I’ve got on me I’ve used up. I really like edibles because I can build my day around them. I LOVE sharing a joint, blunt with friend and loved ones for sure.



Q: Do you have any medical conditions that made you want to use cannabis?


A: Cannabis helps my health and wellness entirely.



Q: What are the changes you noticed in the Cannabis Industry since you started?


A: The focus on medical patients is not the same, there are many new dispensaries all over, and the emphasis and care around environmental responsibility and on the other end of that many advocates being embraced and uplifted, strong connections to humans working toward improving the industry and creating space for everyone.



Q: Tell me a story about a strain you love and why?


A: I recently fell in love!!!! with a strain introduced to me during my time in Massachussets supporting my team member Rich Magana. Kitchen Sink from The Heirloom Collective is everything I needed. I was able to focus with a positive outlook, it gave me the right amount of munchies (for some of us that’s a needed attribute of cannabis) and really made me feel increidble. It’s a mix of Sundae Driver and GMO Cookies.



Q: I have to try that strain wow! Do you grow your own cannabis?


A: I personally do not. My life partner does though! He’s excellent at it.



Q: How has cannabis impacted your life?


A: It has literally made me a better person. It’s given me to tools to be clear-headed, to be more self-aware, mindful and so much more. It’s connected me to like-minded people and even helped bridge gaps for me with individuals I initially had a difficult time connecting with.



Q: Has your company done any charitable work in the name of cannabis?


A: First, IWC is a not-for-profit that aims to enable womxn into leadership roles in the industry. 1906 continuously partners with groups to provide mentorship, education and more. Baked Romans will get there!



Q: Yas!!! Do you or have you experienced any discrimination being a woman in the cannabis industry?


A: Absolutely. You just can’t let it get under your skin. You gotta look at discrimination for what it is and decide how you want to handle it. Either I am going to work harder as you sometimes have to with ignorant people or I am going to recognize that my talents don’t need to be wasted where they’re not valued. I can provide my feedback to those that discriminate and move on.



Q: What are your future plans in the cannabis industry?


A: My plans are always to be the best member of the teams I find myself in through being a supportive ear, voice, and an ally to those with good hearts, good missions, and continue to influence the space to the best of my abilities to be inclusive and conscious. I want to provide coaching to everyone and anyone wanting to be the best versions of themselves and who find I can help in some way.



Q: Explain how you are making a change within the cannabis industry with social justice….


A: I do my best to support organizations like The Cannabis Equity Coalition with their initiatives and financially through yearly membership and the same goes for ChicagoNorml. I direct everyone who reaches out to me about joining the industry to get involved first and foremost with those organizations. In my opinion, you shouldn’t be in this industry unless you’re committed and participating in impacting positive change.


Q: Any last words of wisdom for a person who wants to know more about cannabis but is hesitant because of the stigma surrounding it….


A: I think stigma is one of those “worried about what other people think about me” type of mindsets and the sooner you stop worrying about what others think of you and lean into your own truths the better off you’ll be. That can be hard, for sure, so find some community and lean in. The internet can be a great tool for connection and can lead to in-person interactions that leave a lasting impact. If you’re thinking about trying cannabis or getting involved YOU CAN DO IT!