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Meet Cely The Cannabis Queen of Queens

June 2022 | Davone Madison

Get to know Cely the Cannabis Queen of Queens!



Q: What is your name and where are you from?


A: My name is Cely, some know me as the Cannabis Queen of Queens. I was born, raised, and live in Queens, NY. I'm a proud mom of 2, happily married for 10 years, Healthcare Professional of 13 years, Sickle Cell Disease and Cannabis Advocate. 



Q: What do you do in the Cannabis Industry?


A: I am the founder and owner of the start up company name Queens Infusions. We specialize in creating purposefully crafted cannabis infusions for wellness and relaxation. Our best selling product is our Infused Agave. I am also a cannabis advocate and use my voice to break the stigma surrounding cannabis use by providing free educational resources through my Mommy's Modern Cannabis Blog. 



Q: Tell me more about your business….


A: I started Queens Infusions in 2021 after spending most of 2020 recovering from mental health issues and dealing with unresolved traumas. I credit therapy and cannabis for pulling me out of the hardest time of my life. For many years I was a recreational cannabis user, but once I discovered the medicinal properties of the plant and I saw the results in my own wellbeing I made it my purpose to share what I discovered with others. I started by creating small batches of infused agave and sharing it with my local community. In just a short year my products have helped dozens of people feel better and more relaxed. I started an online live stream cooking show High Flavor on the Hi-Curious app where I demonstrate how to easily make your own cannabis infused cuisine at home. 



Q: How is your business changing lives in the cannabis industry?


A: Queens Infusions strives to break the stigma surrounding cannabis use. Our customers are parents, career professionals, successful business owners, educators, everyday people that have discovered the medicinal and therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant. We advocate on their behalf by educating the mainstream on the benefits of cannabis. 



Q: How do your family feel about your cannabis use?


A: My immediate family is extremely supportive of my cannabis use. My kids and my spouse are the my number one supporters. Even older family members who I thought would be reluctant have been very accepting. Once they realized how much I have been able to achieve while using cannabis they realized that there is no truth to the "Lazy stoner". It is possible to be a "productive stoner", a good mother, successful career person while using cannabis. 



Q: Tell me what do you like to do in your free time?


A: In my free time I love to experiment with different cooking techniques and trying out different recipes. I enjoy reading and any opportunity to learn something new. I love spending time with my loved ones. I most enjoy doing arts and crafts at home with my two kids. I enjoy doing charitable work like providing free medical advocacy to Sickle Cell patients and participating in donation drives for the less fortunate in my community. 


Q: What is your favorite recipe and why?


A: My favorite recipe is Puerto Rican Style Papa con Huevo (Fried Egg and French Fries) This dish means a lot to me, in that it was my late father's favorite dish. He loved when his mom, my grandmother, used to make this for him. The simplicity of the dish makes it a fun treat. I love kicking it up a notch by frying the egg in Canna-oil for an unexpectedly delicious infused flavor.



Q: What cannabis products by women that you  can’t live without ?


A: I am absolutely obsessed with Lit & Luxury's glam cannabis accessories, Kush Queen infused bath bombs, the Herb Somm's infused cocktail recipes, Tonic CBD's tincture flights, Lauren Mundell's Hi-Curious app, and MyBudVase's artisan Bud Vases. 



Q: How long have you been smoking or eating cannabis and what made you start?


A: I have been a recreational cannabis user since high school. I started diving into the medicinal and therapeutic properties of it in 2018. I knew that there had to be a better way for me to deal with my anxiety than the harsh prescription drugs that were being offered. The first edible I ever tried was a CBD Infused tea. It was a 5 mg tea that I tried at my son's bedside while he was hospitalized. It was the first time in days I felt like I had some type of clarity and could drown out my anxious thoughts. The rest is history.



Q: Do you have any medical conditions that made you want to use cannabis?


A: My anxiety is why I use cannabis. I really struggled with undiagnosed anxiety for many years. The worst of it was between 2018 and early 2020. My son was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease in 2016. He was suffering from serious life-threatening complications throughout 2019. My anxiety was the worst it had ever been navigating life with a child with a debilitating illness. I was disconnected from my family, friends, for a long time. I lived day to day in a fog and feeling like a stranger in the life I was working so hard for. Cannabis helps me feel grounded, focused, creative, and provides me an overall sense of wellbeing that comes without a hard crash at the end of the day. Therapy helped me finally pinpoint what was wrong and put a name to what I was feeling. Both cannabis and therapy have provided me the tools to be my best self despite life's daily challenges. 


Q: What are the changes you noticed in the Cannabis Industry since you started ?


A: Recently, in the cannabis industry I've noticed two positive changes. The first is the focus off of High THC products to a focus on the terpene profile. This change in thought process has educated a lot of consumers on how to use cannabis in an even more effective and therapeutic way. The second is more cannabis products and marketing focused on women. Women are the largest consumers of all products in general and since 2020 women have become increasingly more interested in cannabis products. It is really interesting to see where the future of cannabis is heading. 


Q: Tell me a story about a strain you love and why?


A: Once of my favorite strains is Wedding Cake. My husband and I renewed our vows in Las Vegas for our 10th wedding anniversary and celebrated with a nontraditional wedding cake so to speak. Instead of cutting an actual cake we smoked Wedding Cake strain, it was perfect for us and made the occasion even more special.


Q: Do you grow your own cannabis?


A: Soon we will be starting our first grow. I am very excited!


Q: Has your company done any charitable work in the name of cannabis?


A: Queens Infusions-Moodwell LLC is a founding vendor of the Hollis Presbyterian Vendor Market. We and other small local Queens business owners come together to sell our products for a portion of the proceeds goes to the community church.


Q: Do you or have you experienced any discrimination being a women in the cannabis industry?


A: During my time in the cannabis industry I have not outwardly experienced discrimination, I do think that I am blind to it because I have the protection of my support system. No one has in my face discriminated against me, however I have witnessed the disrespect and demeaning way women in our industry are talked down to by men in public ways like on Linkedin posts. I have also heard many stories of cannabis patients being criminally profiled while pregnant for their medicinal use.


Q: What are your future plans in the cannabis industry?


A: I hope to help many more people, especially women and mothers that suffer silently with their mental health issues find a natural solution to better wellbeing without feeling shame. I hope to be able to make a positive impact in my community by providing resources and education for safe cannabis consumption. I want to support change on a larger scale by teaming up with other businesses to advocate to decriminalize cannabis federally, expunge criminal records, and release people still incarcerated for marijuana offenses.

To anyone who wants to know more about cannabis but is hesitant because of the stigma surrounding it I would encourage you to drown out the noise and follow the facts. No matter what, people will always have opinions, trust your gut and do whatever feels right for you.