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Who is Host Davone?

Affectionately named Bosslady Day, Davone Madison is a name synonymous with success. Right from her childhood, she always knew she was meant for a life greater than herself.

The former CEO and founder of Dollhouse Enterprises Inc., Davone led a platform created for professional lesbian women to network and socialize with the emphasis on the LQBTQ community.

As an event planner she has worked with some of the top names in entertainment including Grammy Award winner, Kelly Price.

She has also been a part of GO Magazine’s 45 hot entrepreneurs and Top 100 lesbians, featured in the New York Daily News, and created her own interior styling company named Lady Day Designs.

As if this was not enough tenacity for one person, Davone added Author to her resume by recently finishing the first novel in her highly anticipated book series titled Love is Love. This book a collection of intertwining relationships with fictional characters in the LGBTQ+ community and will be one of the first books published under her new company PXD Media & Entertainment.

A game changer in her field, Davone entered the film industry where she served as Production Manager for the documentary Truth Be Told by Nneka Onuorah. While working on the film, her passion for the film industry grew forging a path for the birth of PXD Media & Entertainment. PXD is co-owned and founded by Davone and her partner Pam Jackson. PXD is a black & women owned small business. One-part Film Production & Distribution and one-part Book Publishing and Brand Merchandising Company, PXD is the parent company of The Kooking With Kush Show, a Cannabis Cooking Show that is both educational & instructional. The show aims to teach “Everyday People” how to infuse their food with cannabis for medicinal and recreational uses. Davone serves as an Executive Producer of the show along with Co-Hosting the show along side Danielle “Chef Miller” Miller and Resident Cannaisseur Pam “PJ”Jackson.