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Like many herbs, Cannabis is a food-friendly plant full of aromas, flavors, and lots of medicinal uses. Whether you plan to cook with CBD or THC, there are quite several techniques that can be used to ensure that your infused foods are perfect after baking, mixing, and heating.

Kooking with Kush is a Cannabis Cooking Show that is both educational & instructional. PXD Media and Entertainment produces the T.V. show, and it is hosted by Davone Madison with resident cannaisseur Pam P.J. Jackson. The show teaches “Everyday People” how they can add Cannabis into their meals.

We will break down both THC & CBD while educating you on how to make delicious meals that will excite all of your senses. Cannabis is used by millions of people around the world for either recreation or to treat chronic health conditions.

We love all of the benefits of Cannabis!