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Who is Host PJ

Popularly known as “PJ”, Pam Jackson is a tenacious entrepreneur and Co-Founder and Co-Owner of PXD Media and Entertainment along with her partner Davone Madison. PXD is a black and women owned small business operating as one-part Film Production & Distribution and one-part Book Publishing and Brand Merchandising Company.

Additionally, Pam joined forces with her twin brother Paul Jackson in 2010 to start Two Toros LLC, a business that purchases residential as well as commercial properties throughout the Chicago areas for purposes of rental management. This was inspired by their mission to provide well-managed and affordable housing in urban communities.

Pam’s history with cannabis traces back to the summer of 7th grade when she lived in the suburbs of Chicago. Her friends and neighbors all smoked weed and her first experience was smoking out of a 4ft bong with her friends. She hasn’t looked back since! With marijuana as a constant in her life, Pam has spent the last 40+ years enjoying marijuana secretly at first because she was working in corporate America before coming all out to embrace it in the open. As a marijuana enthusiast, Pam takes pleasure in the fact that weed-related stigma is now fading and a more open and legal exploration of marijuana is now possible to reveal its incredible uses and health benefits.

Pam retired from corporate life in 2019. She began working with the Quaker Oats Co. Immediately after graduating from Northern Illinois University where she obtained a B.S. in Economics. She began her career as a “temp” in the Finance Department, and steadily worked her way up to to serve as a Sales Executive for Quaker Oats and PepsiCo. After nearly 30 years of professional service and excellence, Pam made the decision to retire from her Vice President of Sales position and focus on the things that make her happy.

Pam is extremely excited about her newest venture as the Co-Host and Resident Cannaisseur on The Kooking with Kush show where she also serves as Executive Producer.

The Kooking with Kush Show is a Cannabis Cooking Show which is both educational & instructional. The show aims to teach “Everyday People” how to infuse their food with cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. The show will be the 1st production for PXD Media and Entertainment.