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About PXD Media & Entertainment

PXD Media & Entertainment LLC is a women owned small business. The company was co-founded and owned by Pam Jackson & Davone Madison is one-part Video Production & Distribution and one-part Book Publishing and Brand Merchandising Company.

The company is the home of the Kooking with Kush Web Series. Kooking with Kush is a cannabis cooking show that is structured to be both educational & Instructional. Kooking with Kush teaches “Everyday people” how to infuse their food with cannabis for medicinal and recreational uses.

Our company comprises of a team of creatives and video professionals dedicated to providing top-notch delivery of content. We specialize in video production and developing media concepts. We provide useful tools for marketing and content creation. Our services also include production of web series, podcasts, books, short educational films and interviews.

Our book publishing agency strives to help new authors reach a larger readership by providing them a platform to launch their books and help in its publication.