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Meet Dr. Miyable Shields PhD of Real Isolates LLC.

April 2022 | Davone Madison

This interview is going to educate you in ways you never imagined. I had the pleasure of getting to know Dr. Miyable Shields PhD of Real Isolates LLC. Real Isolates developed a patent-pending dual extraction/processing method to create novel extractions using natural products. This method is simple, safe, eco-friendly, and uses a fraction of reagent materials as traditional methods. Let’s learn more


Q: What is name, what do you prefer to me called and  where do you live?


A: My name is Miyabe Shields (or Dr. Miyabe Shields, PhD whatever you prefer), and I live in Salem, MA.


Q: Yas!!! … I’m from New York! I love Massachusetts m. What do you do in the Cannabis Industry?

A: I have my PhD in endocannabinoid system pharmacology and have spent the past 12 years researching how the molecules in this amazing plant interact with the brain and body. I'm a researcher, but I am also a daily user, patient, and advocate.


Q: That is amazing!!! Tell me more about your business and products ….


A: My company (Real Isolates LLC) researches the rare molecules present only in cannabis smoke, we provide free education content on cannabis as medicine, we license a novel extraction technology to create cannabis smoke extracts (smokenol), and we produce our own hemp smoke extract products (profound naturals).


Q: How is your business changing lives in the cannabis industry? 

A: We hope to provide additional options to the industry in contrast to the many extracts produced high in only one cannabinoids (typically THC or CBD). We also are passionate about patient advocacy, and destigmatization through education.


Q: That’s amazing! How do your family feel about your cannabis use? 

A: It definitely varies depending on who you're asking about. Overall everyone is more or less supportive.


Q: That’s good Cannabis has such a stigma. Tell me what do you like to do in your free time? 

A: I love hiking/camping/backpacking, playing music (my wife is a talented violinist and I sing and play rhythm guitar), and grilling or smoking with friends.


Q: Sounds like relaxing times with family and friends. Right up my alley! What is your favorite cannabis recipe if any?

A: I'm not a huge fan of edibles, which is why my company researches unique formulations in smoke... But I'd have to say my favorite recipe is taking ABV (already been vaped cannabis) and mixing it directly into a spicy, meaty chili.


Q: Wow that sounds dope! What cannabis products by women that you can’t live without? 

A: Dr. Allison Justice, PhD produces amazing hemp flower, specifically cutting-edge high CBG phenos.


Q: I have to look that up and try it! How long have you been smoking or eating cannabis and what made you start?

A: I've been smoking (and eating, but mostly smoking) cannabis for 17 years. I was introduced to it by a group of friends, and it was a life-changing experience; the first time I ever smoked weed was the first time I felt like I could exist somewhat peacefully in the world. I have struggled with my mental health my entire life. Cannabis has been a life saver, literally.


Q: I wish more people understand how this amazing plays t can help them with a abundance of physical and mental issues. I hope this blog educates people on what Cannabis can do for them. Do you have any medical conditions that made you want to use cannabis?

A: Yes - I have what I'd call the "triad of suffering" of mental health, chronic pain, and GI issues. I've been diagnosed with too many things for me to list specifics as after a while it seems like splitting hairs, but I'd hazard a guess that "Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency" is the root cause of all of them.

Q: I’m so happy Cannabis is helping you and do many others who believe in the benefits of this plant. What are the changes you noticed in the Cannabis Industry since you started?

A: I've noticed a shift towards high THC products and products made with distillate. Unfortunately, I don't believe this is the best way forward in terms of quality of overall products.


Q: Very interesting. Yeah .., when I started in 1998 it was just “pot” lol none of this other stuff and I didn’t eat my first edible until 2007. Tell me a story about a strain you love and why.

A: I'm actually not overly attached to one specific strain, but I do like specific blends of cannabinoids and terpenes. My favorite cannabis is typically a "salad" mix of about 2:2:1 hemp CBD flower:hemp CBG flower: THC flower with a sweet, citrusy, maybe piney terp profile (terpinolene, limonene, geraniol, etc).


Q: Do you grow your own cannabis… I’m going to attempt my first time this year.

A: I've made an attempt before, but I'm just starting my first ever real try this month!


Q: Congrats I wish you luck! Are you a wake and bake woman?

A: I smoke cannabis every morning after my green tea. Then I do either 15-20 mins of yoga or 30-45 mins light cardio before getting ready to head into the lab. Fun fact: The wake n' bake feels different, because our endocannabinoid system cycles every day. Our levels of circulating endocannabinoids are lowest in the morning before waking up and highest in the early afternoon. These endocannabinoids compete for the same receptors as the molecules in cannabis, which is one of the reasons why it feels different in the morning.


Q: Wow thank you for that tidbit. I didn’t know! Has your company or yourself done any charitable work in the name of cannabis?

A: We are currently running a fundraiser for The Last Prisoner Project (raised ~$560 so far), the Westerkamp family (co-owners) donated $16K to the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation for stem cell research for rare genetic neuropathic disorders, and both myself and my team member Dr. Riley Kirk, PhD donate at least 10 hours every week to the creation of free, open-access education content about cannabis for everyone to use as they wish.


Q: That’s so dope! Do you or have you experienced any discrimination being a women in the cannabis industry?

A: Yes, also technically I am non-binary, which means I am genderqueer. I use they/them pronouns and only about 1% of people will get it right. My wife and I have experienced discrimination from being in a queer marriage as well... It's certainly interesting being BIPOC & LGBTQ+ in an emerging industry that already faces stigmatization; I believe there is compounding challenges with intersectionality that are a facet of society that are increased in the cannabis industry.


Q: I truly u set stand I  also BIPOC and identify a lesbian and gave experience discrimination in doing business in different industries. I’m praying this industry will be different. What are your future plans in the cannabis industry?

A: I plan to keep pushing the barriers of destigmatizing this amazing plant by making the science accessible. My company aims to provide unique products and experiences for our community.


Q: Thank you for all you do for this industry! Any last words or wisdom for a person who wants to know more about cannabis but is hesitant because of the stigma surrounding it…. 

A: There is a very real molecular mechanism behind all of the therapeutic effects of cannabis. Every human has an endocannabinoid system and for some of us, cannabis can restore balance to this system which causes relief of symptoms.



Thank you so much for your knowledge … this interview was needed! I hope it educates at least one person.


If you want to learn more about Dr. Miyabe Shields, PhD (they/them) Chief Scientific Officer Real Isolates LLC


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