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Meet TribeToke’s Kym B

April 2022 | Davone Madison

I had the pleasure of chatting it up with one of the dopiest women in the cannabis industry. Not to mention she is from my hometown New York! It’s my pleasure to introduce to you Kymberly Byrnes aka KymB CO-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of

TribeTokes | TribeBrands |TRIBEAUTY



Q: Tell everyone where you are from?

A: I live in Shaolin baby! (Staten Island, NY)

Q: Ok! Home of WuTang Clan !!!! I’m a New Yorker as well. Queens NY raised me…  Tell me about your companies and what do you in the Cannabis Industry.

A: I have a few different companies + am in love and invested in all of them!  I’m CoFounder, TribeTokes-Cannabis Lifestyle with CBD + THC products check us out online at + in 120 retailers nationwide. I’m also Cofounder, Conscious Cannabis Project-entity going after a THC Processing license in NY. All-woman leadership team ready to slay! 3. Founder, Powered by Plants-lifestyle brand that integrates fitness, wellness + alternative health. In the canna space, my goal is to positively impact the future of cannabis by advocating for women, patients and social justice standpoints.

Q: I love your delta 8 +THC vape pen. It allows me to medicate on the go. I also just became a fan of your CBD eye cream. Tell our readers more about your products….

A: TribeTokes, which is woman-founded + operated, has everything from amazing clean vaping products as well as beauty and topicals. My favorite products are Juicy Fruit D8 vape paired with the Saber battery, & TRIBEAUTY eye cream, toner and pumpkin mask keeps me looking like a snack.

Q: Yassss at looking like a smack! I’m a wake and bake kinda girl… I like to medicate first thing in the morning before I start my day. What’s your wake and bake routine?

A: Wake + bake is an important part of my morning ritual. Up at 7-7:30 AM to make my morning coffee with Sakara Metabolism Powder. I’m a music person so it’s usually Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill + Lana Del Ray (here for the ladies 100%). I smoke out of glass as much as possible, especially in the morning. I pack a fresh bowl + let it set me free. I dance, workout, do beauty routines with my laptop open because the work never stops! Lucky to have all my herbal remedies to get me going.

Q: I love your routine … definitely my type of morning. I’ve made a playlist on Spotify dedicated to this Women In Cannabis Interview series and some of your favorites is on that playlist. How long have you been smoking Cannabis and what made you start?

A: Started at 14/15 years old for the same reason as most teens start… stress, friends, need to escape - you know the usual trauma of growing up. I knew the plant was sacred. I never let my love for the plant go after that.

Q: We love your tagline “Built by Girls ….Powered by Plants” can you explain that for our readers?

A: Tribe is woman-founded + my amazing partner, Dege, who founded Tribe in 2017, and I employed an all-woman team. That's the “Built by Girls” credo. “Powered by Plants” is all about using what mother nature gave us - plant based herbs + remedies.

Q: That’s Dope! What are the changes you noticed in the Cannabis Industry since you started smoking?

A: FINALLY it’s more tolerated + in some instances legal. Being able to fly with my meds or procure them when I land is a really good feeling. However we still have many friends in jail. Please know as legalization occurs - we cannot let some of our people get stuck in the system. There is STILL A LOT of work to be done.

Q: Very True! I always say if Nature is illegal then freedom never exist! Tell me a story about a strain you love?


A: In 2018, I was working at Kush Stock for Cali Kush Farms+ there were units upon units everywhere. The Nameless Genetics crew had brought over like 50 units and one of them was Mega Wellness OG. I was so intrigued with the name (being the fitness fanatic I am). One of the guys in the tent rolled me a blunt of MWOG + that was history. I was so absolutely OBSESSED - they gave me the whole unit (I cried). I smoked the whole elbow myself and it was the best high of my life.

Q: Now I have to find that strain Forreal! Tell me about how you stay fit and stay lit?


A: Being an OG Pilates instructor (over 20 years) + a Lululemon Ambassador - I take fitness pretty seriously. I hit the gym 3-6 times a week. I like to smoke before + after for so many reasons but the main reason is because it makes working out so much more enjoyable. Fun fact about me: I LOVE to teach fitness classes after a puff.  Being medicated (not inebriated) makes my classes more fluid + my jokes are always on point. Let’s blast Fetty Wap + slay!

Q: Every time I think you can’t get any more amazing you hit me with another fun fact about yourself that I can totally relate to…How has cannabis impacted your life?


A: Cannabis saved me over and over. As a caregiver for my ill father, him + I both used cannabis to get through. Using cannabis + mushrooms helps me live a happy, complete life without pharmaceuticals + with minimum alcohol consumption.

Q: People don’t understand how cannabis have saved so many people lives. I love hearing these stories because I know Cannabis has saved my life! I can imagine that your company has done charitable work in the name of cannabis… please tell us about it.


A: Yes! We donated 1% of our sales to the Kaepernick Camp for a year. Then we wanted to be able to help our communities in a different way.

Cannabinoids such as CBD can improve quality of life for so many people in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, these products are not covered by health insurance, and prices of premium cannabis extracts are not accessible for all - including those who may need them most.

TribeTokes has partnered with Dr. Lynn Parodneck to help close this gap by connecting patients in need with free CBD products. Dr Parodneck is offering a certain number of free personalized educational evaluations each month ($350 value) to select patients who qualify, and TribeTokes is donating the products they need free of charge. Dr. Parodneck is one of the leading medical marijuana practitioners in New York State.

Q: That’s amazing! This information need to be more accessibly available to those who need these services. Do you or have experienced any discrimination being a women in the cannabis industry?


A: This is honestly something that I advocate for on a daily basis. As women in the industry, we are constantly warding off the absolute unjust treatment (of women) in the workplace. In cannabis, sometimes the “workplace” looks different than an office with a watercooler. There are some extremely dangerous antics of men in New York + beyond. Many are coming here “befriending” women + taking advantage. As a women's advocate - I will continually call them out. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE MEN but I recently left a HUGE NY organization due to sexual harrassment. Don’t fuck with me bro. I will come for you (in a professional, law abiding way :)


KymB at NYC Party with Nino Brown aka Junior Mafia


KymB is one strong powerful woman who we admire! Keep Blazing Kym! 


To learn more about Kym B follow her on Insta: @TribeTokes @HighitsKymB and go visit


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